going micro..

Back when I launched the blog in the beginning of 2018, I did it with one purpose: to serve as a creative outlet for my everyday science-filled life. And it did exactly that -- but, every time I'd show a close friend the site, they'd ask me where the "micro" side was, urging me to write about my research.  Apparently, the combination of the two scales was what made my stories unique.  I didn't want to go there - potentially polluting my outlet. 

After months of side-stepping their comments, the catalyst for the launch came from the most unexpected place.. when I had to get new stupid tires for my car.

I know you're probably thinking '...?' Besides the fact that they need oil & gas, I know nothing, I mean absolutely nothing about cars.  I went in for a routine oil change, and four plus phone calls later, the mechanics had convinced me to spend a solid chunk of change on new tires, an alignment, and an assortment of other things that they were sure were absolutely essential.  Though they could have been absolutely legit (and probably were), I still couldn’t help but feel swindled.. like they preyed upon my ignorance. With my (honestly) bruised pride, I came up with an assortment of ideas - websites, apps.. you name it - to serve as guides for people who feel completely lost when dealing with that car stuff.. but, again we come back to: I know nothing about cars.

I'm not going to lie and say it hit me right away -- but, eventually I realized that what I do know a lot about - with a similar knowledge barrier - is science. I also know how to conduct proper research and even teach it. On top of this, the current way science is presented in the media is a real issue.  (Jon Oliver talks about it here) In short, research is often stripped of the meaningful stuff leaving only the catchy headlines. Worse yet, it’s often is plagued with sometimes questionable data or sourced from low impact (read: not great) journals. I mean - how many times have you heard that dairy products are basically going to kill you? And then the next week heard to eat more yogurt ‘cause you need more probiotics… ?

So: one really awesome Rachel Hollis podcast later, and here we are. I'm excited to take the micro side of my brand further, and introduce the Microscoop, which will be a weekly newsletter brought to your mailbox on the latest in science: dissected, unfiltered, and real. My goal is give you the straight and -super- cool facts (I am a nerd after all...)  in easy to understand terms. Love to hear from you!