Five Places You Absolutely Must Have a Beer in Salzburg, Austria


There’s a couple things you immediately think of when Salzburg comes to mind: Mozart, castles, Sound of Music, mountains, and of course… beer. When doing our research for this trip, we made sure to hit all the must see spots in the area for beer, ranging from breweries to beer gardens to just really scenic spots.

Here were our absolute favorites:

  1. steigl keller


News to us, Steigl is not just a grapefruit radler maker… They actually have all types of beer from the famous white beer (Weiß bier) and even more American style pale ales. Because Steigl is native to Salzburg, it’s a must go. If you feel like venturing out of the main square a little bit, the brewery is a great option - though seemingly a little touristy. We preferred the Keller, which was on the hill in Salzburg Old Town. The bartender led with German, which typically means it’s a less tourist heavy place, and the views from the deck / balconies of the gorgeous Old Town rooftops was worth the trip in it of itself.

2. Die Weisse

Austria’s oldest brewer of white (Weiß) beer with an adorable beer garden, and super friendly staff. It’s not a typical bar set up, and a waitress serves you, but it was so nice to relax out here for a while and just enjoy the shade.

3. das Augustiner

Austria’s biggest beer tavern with a huge beer garden. The country has been brewing beer since 1621, and this was one of the old meeting spots where people got to enjoy it. The hall is filled with market style eateries (get a pretzel /Bretzel), if you get there well before closing time. All their beers are served out of these stone mugs, and it’s really just two types of beer: dark or light. It’s not the best beer, but it’s the experience that matters for this one.

4. Die Alchimiste

Definitely the best beer we had in Salzburg. It’s a more grungy bar that definitely has a more hipster vibe. I mean, if I had to say which US city I’d find this place in it’d for sure be Portland. It’s pretty vacant during the day, but the area at night gets super busy and fun, especially if it’s not a Sunday or Monday and the Beffa Bar across the street is open as well.

With how vacant it was during the day, we got to actually chat a little bit with the friendly bartender and get some city recs.

5. Fortress hohensalzburg

Admittance to this castle was hands down the best admittance fee I’ve paid in a while. The castle grounds are enormous, with self-guided tour options, multiple over-looks to avoid large crowds, and many cute smaller restaurants to sit down, have a beer, and enjoy the amazing view of the city and mountains. When it comes to eating at places like this, I typically avoid it. It’s über touristy, and most of the time, a local specialty gets absolutely butchered. But when it comes to just ordering a beer or glass of wine, you really can’t go wrong, especially with the views!



Try these or have a Salzburg favorite? Let me know!

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