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My First Marathon in Nashville: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before

Finally checked the full marathon off the bucket list! Even with how much I trained, running those last few miles was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done. Yet, as much as I swore off running during the race, I'm somehow sitting here 48 hours later thinking about how I can train differently for the next one. 

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5 Critical Steps for Running Your Next Half Marathon... Faster!

So you just finished up a half marathon - which is a huge accomplishment! But if you're like me - a.k.a. super competitive - it isn't long before you start thinking about the points during the race where you're energy level dipped, or you felt weak. Before you know it, you're registered for next half marathon, and determined to set your new P.R... 

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Fuel Your Long Distance Run The Right Way: Before, After, & During

When you're training for a marathon and running 30 plus miles per week, you burn about 2 full days worth of calories, which is insane.  It's incredibly important to find a good balance between fueling yourself properly and not over doing it. Here's what my typical 18 hours surrounding my long distance run look like...

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