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Preparing for An Out-of-Town Marathon: Quick & Easy Guide to Race-Day Ready!

After four plus months of training, race day is almost here! I'm running it out of town, which is adding a little bit to my anxiousness. It's a new topography, climate, and route that I haven't trained, and just not staying at home adds a whole new set of variables. While the weather and course changes are completely out of my control, I can make sure that I have everything that I need, to make my hotel room feel as home-like as possible, and get myself race-day ready.

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Packing for a Spring Weather Vacation with Stitch Fix

This month I asked my stylist to send me things for a spring trip to Europe. I'll be gone for three plus weeks, so I need things that are versatile to fit all 25 days of outfits in one suitcase. I didn't end up keeping any of their pieces, because I didn't like the actual pieces enough. But: the concepts were great! Here's how I'm going to use my fix to guide my packing.

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