Why Picturesque Dresden, Germany is a Must Do Day Trip from Prague

Only a two hour train ride from Prague, Dresden, Germany is an easy case to make when considering candidates for day trips.  It's beautifully reconstructed old town and popular art museums bring tourists from all over the world. But: no matter what you're into: art, architecture, history, outdoorsy-things, culture, etc. Dresden has something for everyone. And it's all in such an easy to get to / compact space! 

If Art's your thing: 

First - a little disclaimer - you and I are not alike. But even though I may not seek out the art museums, I still appreciate them! Plus, these places were beautiful on the outside as well. 

Your must do stops are:

  • the Versailles-inspired Zwinger Palace to see Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (has pieces like Rafael's "Sistine Madonna") (pictured)
  • the Albertinum Museum to see Galerie Neue Meister (newer 19th-20th century art)

Here for the architecture:

Old Town is your spot.  Everywhere you look will be something that captivates you. The combination of art and architecture there has given the city it's nickname of "Florence on the Elbe."

Your must do stops are:

  • Dresden Cathedral - restored 18th century landmark 
  • Opera House Semperoper - incredible opera house
  • Dresden Frauenkirche - restored recently in 2005 after being destroyed in WWII
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Love the history: 

Dresden experienced some of the greatest devastation in WWII and a lot of the town was destroyed. In many of the spots mentioned throughout this post, there are signs or memorials for that. More on the bombings and destruction can be read about here

Your must do stops are:

  • the Neues Grüne Gewölbe (objects and jewelry dating back to the 16th century)
  • Martin Luther statue - one of the only things that remained standing in the WWII bombings that completely destroyed old town
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Into landscaping / the outdoors:

Along with just walking along the Elbe River, Dresden offers a number of different parks and landscaped gardens that are perfect to get lost in. 

 Your must do stops are:

  • Pillnitz Castle: picturesque castle and grounds in the eastern side of Dresden 
  • Grosser Garten: botanical garden & zoo 
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IMG_9183 2.jpg

want to experience culture:   

Unlike Berlin or Munich, Dresden is more traditional German, and people will most likely speak German to you first, which I found to be pleasantly surprising.  The Old Town gets lined with markets and there is an opportunity to get some beer and pretzels on about every corner.

Your must do stops are:

  • Brühl's Terrace: overlooks the Elbe and is a great spot for people watching 
  • Schloßplatz: town square located in the center of Dresden 
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Would love to hear about your experience! Comment below


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