Packing for a Spring Weather Vacation with Stitch Fix

This month I asked my stylist to send me things for a spring trip to Europe. I'll be gone for three plus weeks, so I need things that are versatile to fit all 25 days of outfits in one suitcase. I didn't end up keeping any of their pieces, because I didn't like the actual pieces enough. But: the concepts were great! Here's how I'm going to use my fix to guide my packing. These are the 5 essential pieces.  

versatile jacket

They suggested: Tinsel Chapleen Cargo Jacket

I didn't like that it was navy, and all the pockets were just too much. It wouldn't go with dresses or skirts either, which I plan to wear a lot!

I'm bringing: J. Crew Classic Denim Jacket


Jean jackets can be dressed up and down, and go with everything! 

statement top: 

They suggested: Calvin Klein Emporia Bell Sleeve Cotton Top


I like the look but sleeves like this are impossible to layer. 

I'm bringing: Madewell Studio Ruffle Hem Top

The more subtlety of the sleeve here make them much easier to layer, and the top goes with more. 

Easy layering tee:

Vince Camuto: Kayden Ruffle Sleeve Cotton Blend Knit Top

Ruffle sleeves like this are the worst on my broad shoulders. 

I'm bringing: Gap -  Stripe long sleeve modern boatneck


I like the idea of a long sleeve here just for the chillier days! 

trendy florals: 

They suggested: Daniel Rainn - Emelita Pleat Detail Blouse

Although I'm all about the new floral trend, wasn't in love with the pattern. It also fell like a maternity top. 

I'm bringing: 19 Cooper - Floral Wrap dress


Dresses are so easy to pack - just one and done!


Comfy jeans

Makers: Estee Skinny Jean


Not into the no zipper look, even though these probably would be comfy! 

Madewell: Jeans


Love the fit of Madewell jeans, and they are SO comfortable!