Weekly Meal Plan: Turmeric Detox

This past weekend I celebrated St. Paddy's Day in Chicago with some college friends, which was so much fun. But the older I get - those types of weekends really stick with me well into the next week. So on my train ride home yesterday, I started desperately pinteresting detox recipes.. and turmeric was popping up everywhere! As I started reading more into it, the actual list of benefits for this root go on & on, including anti-inflammatory, brain health, autoimmune, arthritic relief etc!  So for this week I decided to spotlight turmeric recipes!  

I found a variety of recipes from all different types of cuisine that incorporate turmeric (getting to have chorizo and tikka masala in the same week!)  All meals are paleo & WHOLE30 approved, though the program does ask to avoid drinking your food. I recommend adding eggs and avocado to your shopping list and make egg scrambles for breakfast if you want to stay true to the program. Open the recipes below by clicking on the picture to check out what I found! 


see comments for suggested modifications

Healthy Nibbles & Bits' 

Chicken Tikka Masala

Sub for regular rice if only GF and not paleo

Everyday Maven's

Cilantro Turmeric sauce

Serve on top of roasted salmon with sweet potatoes or salad

Jesse Lane's 

Mango Turmeric smoothie

Can use frozen bananas instead of dates 

Sweet C's 

Chorizo stuffed pepPers

Can add cauliflower rice and cut up peppers for a next day lunch scramble 

Skinny Ms' 

Turmeric Roasted Sweet potatoes

Serve with roasted salmon (left)

Ambitious Kitchen's 

Meatballs & green tahini

Can choose ground chicken or turkey

unbound wellness' Anti-inflammatory chicken 

Add tahini for a more filling option



Pumpkin Soup

Serve with bread if not paleo or potato wedges

Pre-run Oats: 

During my marathon training, I've found it basically critical to have a little bit of oats or an extra carb the morning of a big run (over 10 miles). I typically just make a bowl of 1/3 cup of oats, supplemented with a scoop of vegan protein powder, and add a banana and almond butter on top. 

Shopping List

I always do all my shopping at Trader Joe's! I typically find that their packed goods are so much cheaper than other health food stores. I also got some turmeric ginger tea there that was awesome! 

Pin & save for later: 

Paleo & Whole 30 Week Meal Plan

Or bring your list & plan to the store:

Printable form here

Apparently Trader Joes agrees with me ;) 


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