Weekly Meal Plan: Spring Stalks

I think, (finally on April 17th), spring has actually sprung! Spring is the prime time for stalked vegetables like asparagus, fennel, leeks, etc, and my local farmer's market was flooded with them. So: for this week, I decided to spotlight dishes with these stalked veggies! I found some great ways to use all my of my veggies. Almost all meals are paleo & WHOLE30 approved - read my comments for modifications to keep the meals within the Whole30 and paleo guidelines. Open the recipes below by clicking on the picture to check out what I found!  

Here's a model schedule for the work week: 


see comments for suggested modifications

Steak with Bok Choy and zucchini

Recipe from: Low Fat Low Carb

Sub coconut aminos for soy sauce. I added sweet potato noodles to this to make it a little more filling! 

Spinach Frittata

Recipe by: The gardening cook

Try to avoid having eggs the morning of this meal as to avoid food boredom!

BAked cod with leeks

Recipe by: Magic Skillet

Recipe accidentally calls for 2 leeks twice, just use 2. Use apple cider vinegar instead of dry cider!

Arugula smoked salmon fennel salad

Recipe by: A Saucy Kitchen

I love how quick and easy this recipe is. Omit the honey for Whole30

Tuna Avocado boats

Recipe by: Tastes Lovely

Asparagus & chicken roast 

Recipe from: The Salted Mint

Add arugula for a next day salad

Tahini "Mayo" & Roasted fennel

Recipe by: Global Foodery

Great as a side, or add fried eggs for a full meal

EGG HASH / Omelet: 

I've tried to switch this recipe up, but I find myself always going back to the same combination of 2c kale, 1/2 cup roasted sweet potato, and 2 poached or fried eggs all cooked and then topped with 1/4 of a medium avocado. Roast a bunch of sweet potato on Sunday so this can be an easy and quick throw in during the busy weekday mornings. 


For an easy green smoothie use 1 cup fresh kale and blend in 1/2 cup almond milk. Once blended add in a cup of your your frozen fruit, 1/2 a banana (preferably frozen), whatever source of protein (vegan protein powder, chia or flax seeds, almond butter), and enough water to mix. 

Shopping List

I always do all my shopping at Trader Joe's! I typically find that their packed goods are so much cheaper than other health food stores. For Rx bars, which I recommend as a snack, I purchase in bulk on Amazon. 

Pin & save for later: 

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Or bring your list & plan to the store:

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