Weekly Meal Plan: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

If you've seen some of my other posts lately, you know that this weekend I'm running a marathon! I was feeling so good, and then a week ago my back flared up and it's been pretty uncomfortable. I'm not a fan of pain meds, so for this week meal plan I've decided to spotlight anti-inflammatory recipes! Really hoping for some healing :) Almost all meals are paleo & WHOLE30 approved - read my comments for modifications to keep the meals within the Whole30 and paleo guidelines. Open the recipes below by clicking on the picture to check out what I found!  

Here's a model schedule for the work week: 


see comments for suggested modifications

Blueberry smoothie

Recipe by: The Beaming Baker 

Do not need to use 3 bananas, just do 2 and a date 

blueberry Salmon and brussels 

Recipe by: Cotter Crunch 

Can use frozen blueberries to save some money 

Anti-inflammatory soup

Recipe by: Unbound Wellness 

As she says, you can sup out the coconut cream for more bone broth 

Both ginger & turmeric are great for combatting inflammation 

Sweet potato breakfast bowl

Recipe by: Paleo Gluten Free Eats 

Love the idea of this on a colder morning 


Citrus Roasted Beet Salad 

Recipe By: The Roasted Root 

Sub flax seeds for hemp hearts for added anti-inflammatory properties 

Add grilled chicken to this salad for some added protein 

Blueberry chia seed pudding

Recipe from: From my Bowl 

Omit maple syrup for whole30 (add unsweetened coconut & cinnamon) 

Ginger Shrimp Bowl

Recipe by: Rally Pure 

Omit honey if Whole30

Pineapple Anti-inflammatory smoothie

Recipe from: Little Pine Low Carb 

This is a little too sour for me, so I did only 1 cup pineapple, and 1/2 of a frozen banana 


Sweet potato and spinach Gnocchi

Recipe by: Paleo Gluten Free Eats 

I’ve wanted to try to make my own gnocchi, and since spinach is anti-inflammatory I figured I’d give this a go! I used arrowroot flour instead of cassava and tapioca and it worked okay!

The rosemary and sage I used was not fresh

Pulled pork & Pineapple bowls

Recipe from: Pass Me Some Tasty 

Can get the ready made cauliflower rice. Omit bacon for anti-inflammatory purposes 

Salmon cakes with asparagus

Recipe by: Paleo Gluten Free Eats 

Salmon is such a good anti-inflammatory ingredient! I’m a little sketched by canned salmon by itself but figured these burgers would be worth a shot! 

EGG HASH / Omelet: 

I've tried to switch this recipe up, but I find myself always going back to the same combination of 2c kale, 1/2 cup roasted sweet potato, and 2 poached or fried eggs all cooked and then topped with 1/4 of a medium avocado. Roast a bunch of sweet potato on Sunday so this can be an easy and quick throw in during the busy weekday mornings. 

Shopping List

I always do all my shopping at Trader Joe's! I typically find that their packed goods are so much cheaper than other health food stores. For Rx bars, which I recommend as a snack, I purchase in bulk on Amazon. 

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