Conference in SF: Healthy Eats You Can Walk To


As much as I absolutely love traveling for work, it is always a little hard because it does throw my routine slightly off. So whenever I go to a conference, I always look up quick, easy, and healthy eats that are within walking distance from the center that keep me feeling good. 

San Francisco offered a number of great options right from the Moscone Center. It's also situated right next to the Yerba Buena Gardens, which is super cute to walk through or better yet, bring your take away lunch there and enjoy a more scenic meal. 

These were my favorite options: 

Mixt Salads 

Mixt is a fresh made-to-order salad place which I fell in love with.  I would probably eat here every day if I could (I went twice during my stay). They had a bunch of premade options, but I opted for their make your own styles because I wanted more veggies! I absolutely recommend adding some of their roasted vegetables in and for sure making a stop here. 



I know sweetgreens has a more national presence, but these types of places just really make me happy, so it had to be on the list.  I love walking in and feeling like everything is clean and knowing that my food is coming from a locally sustainable place. Plus, the decor in these places is always adorable. 

Metreon Mall 

This mall across from the garden had so many options! It's so much better than your typical food court. I think your best choices here are either the Coriander Thai food (just ask for extra veggies and no rice if you're going paleo), or SF Soup Company, which has salads and soup.  Also, if you're feeling like splurging (though not the point of this post..) they have those bubble waffles with ice cream at Wafl in there. 

Trader Joes

Pretty self explanatory here, but Trader Joe's is close, and I feel it's always nice to remind people that they have pre-made salads and wraps that are actually really good and cheap. It's also the perfect quick stop if you want to head back to your room for some peace and quiet during your lunch hour.. or kombucha in bed like me. 



This place was so aesthetically pleasing but honestly the food wasn't as great. You could either do a platter, or get some a la carte things. I'd recommend going here on a nice day, getting a couple sides, and just enjoying the scenery by sitting outside. 

What are your favorite spots downtown?  


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