Slow Morning at Stinson Beach, San Francisco


You can tell that someone knows you really well when they plan a trip for you that involves all of your favorite things. This is exactly how I felt when my wonderful friend Cady took me on this cute excursion north of SF on Rt. 1 to Stinson Beach.  As an SF native, she knew exactly where to stop and when to leave in order to beat traffic and make the most out of our trip!  I only had the morning free, so she picked me up early (around 7AM) and we headed on our way. 


Our first stop was at this incredibly expansive health food store* Good Earth Natural Foods} in Marin City. It was basically my paradise. We got made to order juices, and just walked around checking out all the aisles.  I swear they had like 80 different kombuchas.  Plus my juice was so good! Definitely going to try to recreate it at home this week! Any good rose water buying suggestions?* 

*disclaimer: I live in the Midwest. 

Fueled up, we headed on our way. The total drive took about 40 minutes and involved weaving up and down the beautiful scenery of Mount Tamapais. I was so impressed by all the people on bikes too! Not only must they have some insane quads but also serious courage to go on those roads. The way the roads winded through the woods and back out to the coastline was so scenic and offered a consistently changing view.  It was absolutely the best time to drive with the windows down and the music up. Just getting out to the beach made my morning.


We parked at this cute marketplace (pictured above) called Parkside and walked along the beach before having to head back for work obligations. I could have stayed here all day .. and based on the traffic coming in on our way out, apparently a lot of people feel the same way! So: if you go, go early, beat the traffic, and enjoy this quaint beach town in its most peaceful state. 


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