Traveling Light: Skiing in Aspen

For some reason this was one of the hardest trips for me to pack for. I was struggling to find the balance between cute, cozy, and practical. This list has some things that really worked for me and some that I didn't bring but wish I did! 

Pullovers  :   Southern Marsh ,  Patagonia;  Sweaters:  ASTR ,  BP  ; Goggles:  Amazon ; Gloves:  Athleta ; Flannel:  Madewell ; Boots:  Sorel ; Leggings:  Spanx ; Hat:  Athleta ; Sunscreen:  La Roche Posay ; Polartec Leggings:  Athleta ; Swimsuit:  Zaful

PulloversSouthern Marsh, Patagonia; Sweaters: ASTR, BP ; Goggles: Amazon; Gloves: Athleta; Flannel: Madewell; Boots: Sorel; Leggings: Spanx; Hat: Athleta; Sunscreen: La Roche Posay; Polartec Leggings: Athleta; Swimsuit: Zaful

What to bring

  1. Fleece-lined leggings like these from Athleta. You'll want to wear them under your ski pants and for other outdoor adventures
  2. Hats and headbands. Forget the straightener.. these are your new best friends this weekend 
  3. Tight under layerLululemon has great warm and cute ones. 
  4. Ski gear: pants, jacket, goggles.  Check amazon before you go! There is some great, cheap stuff especially if you're not looking to drop some serious $$ on gear. 
  5. Fleece pull over. Aspen style was big on layering, so have fun with it! 
  6. Snow boots. You will wear these everywhere.  I brought another pair of booties for going out at night, but you could get away with wearing snow boots then too!
  7. Bathing suit. Cause hot tubs happen
  8. Bulky sweaters. Great for traveling to and from and throwing over everything
  9. Flannel Shirt. Key for layering and always really cute with snow / hiking boots
  10. Leather leggings. I've been obsessed with these ones from Spanx. They can go both with athleisure and night out attire.  
  11. One to two nice tops. For night outs. These can be / are encouraged to be sweaters! 
  12. Sunscreen! No one wants leather skin at 45, and snow is very reflective, even on those cloudy days.  

If you're going soon, almost everything that I tagged was on sale! Love those post season deals. 

What are some of your ski trip staples? Comment below!