Pastel in San Fransisco


Whenever I think about San Francisco, I sometimes get caught up in its reputation as the "fog city," picturing the Golden Gate Bridge just barely peaking out of the grey haze.  Over the last couple of years, I've had the privilege of visiting this city multiple times both for work trips and for visits with my newly transported friends, and I have to say fog in no way describes this city! With floral awnings outlining the pastel buildings, bright cable cars transversing the hilly streets, and verdant mountains meeting the wide bay, the SF scene is anything but dull. 

Most recently, I spent a week mid-February here for a conference, and I had a blast using my spare time to explore more of the city, see a couple of sunrises over the bay, and take in the pastel buildings!  It was a little chillier than expected, but we had sunny days and the break from St. Louis's 30 and raining was exactly what I needed. Along with exploring, I was able to enjoy a couple of meals outside (more on that here) which is one of my absolute favorite things.  

When I travel with work, we always have to be able to check a bag if need be. I can't overpack and have to be smart about which items make a lot of outfit combinations, ranging in formality.  I always bring stuff to workout too for at least 75% of the days that I'm traveling, so my suitcase space gets increasingly confined. 

My staple's for this trip were this pastel pink blazer, Sam Edelman black loafers, a striped jumper (newer here), boyfriend jeans, white chinos, and a grey peacoat. I brought a pair of heels as well, but with walking being an extreme sport in the steeply hilly city, I only wore them in the conference center.  

the photos of me were taken by: @mor.photographs & @rufflifeadventures

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